Helping Hands

If you would like to help on visits but don’t have a registered therapy dog, you can assist a Pet Therapy Team on regular visits as a Helping Hand volunteer. You will go with a registered team on the same schedule to one of our facilities. A Helping Hand Volunteer qualifies and receives the same training as a volunteer with a pet.

You will form close friendships with your therapy team and know that you are making a difference in the lives of children. We promise that the feeling you get from being with these remarkable animals and children together is all the reward you will need!

 Northern Arizona

Shelley Bergmann
Denise Phelps
Barbara Rice

Central Arizona

Kathy Baumann
Veronica Butler
Dominique Contreras
Bobbi Crosby
April Crow
Dawn Dubry
Laura Henry
Myrna Hoon
Stephanie Keeler
Tracy King
Danielle Langel
Lois LeDesky
Lana Lofshult
Joyce Munson
Christy Ness

Southern Arizona 

Connie Brunt
Cathy Dinsmore
Amy Fisher
Merrill Evans 
Susan Grana
Jan Hutchinson
Sandy Lindblad
Emilia Riggenbach
Jo Robbins
Patty Santa Cruz
Shawna Strause
Pamela Templin
Blanca Vasquez