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Our Mission is to deliver healing pet therapy to at-risk children, nurturing their emotional development and enhancing the quality of their lives forever.


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Registered Therapy Teams, made up of an individual and his/her

companion pet, engage children to develop and improve healthy core

behaviors that are critical to normal development.

There are 7 Core Behaviors that Gabriel's Angels focuses on with the children they see at our partnering agencies.

Featured Core Behavior


Respect is the ability to recognize and honor the value of ourselves and others and its development is a lifelong process. Respect is a "two-way street"--in order to gain respect, one must give respect. The best way to teach respect is to model respectful behaviors. Kids are significantly influenced by observing the adults in their lives. Observing respectful adult behavior helps children to develop these behaviors.
It’s also important to treat children with respect. Be supportive of children within established boundaries. Children who feel supported develop a strong sense of self-worth, and in order to respect others, we must first respect ourselves. Children build their sense of self-respect from interactions with others. Let children know that their words and feelings are important by focusing on them and listening when they have something to say.
Gabriel’s Angels’ Therapy teams model respectful behaviors by being kind, reinforcing positive behaviors, and ensuring the children they visit are made to feel special and valued—this facilitates the children's ability to respect themselves and to learn to respect others.

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