Angel Wings – In Honor Of

Why not give the priceless gift of compassion to your friends and family?

One year of Pet Therapy for one child: $50

Giving this child unconditional love and acceptance: Priceless

Angel Wings Certificates are a great gift for teachers, friends or family!

Purchase an Angel Wings Certificate in the name of someone on your gift giving list. They will receive a certificate acknowledging that in their name you have sponsored a child in crisis to receive pet therapy services for an entire year. To view a sample certificate, click here.

Gabriel’s Angels, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization was formed out of a pressing and documented need in our community to enhance the lives of severely neglected and abused children through the application of Pet Therapy. Through Gabriel’s Angels, these children in crisis are visited by loving therapy teams in an effort to intervene in the cycle of violence in their lives. Not only do these visits provide unconditional love and acceptance to a child that desperately needs it, but they help to teach critical life skills for growth into non-abusing adults.

To give a child the joy, unconditional love and acceptance of a therapy pet, please fill contact us at

Gabriel's Angels