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Our Mission is to deliver healing pet therapy to at-risk children, nurturing their emotional development and enhancing the quality of their lives forever.


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Registered Therapy Teams, made up of an individual and his/her

companion pet, engage children to develop and improve healthy core

behaviors that are critical to normal development.

There are 7 Core Behaviors that Gabriel's Angels focuses on with the children they see at our partnering agencies.

Featured Core Behavior


Children that are able to self-regulate have the ability to control primary impulses such as hunger or sleep and are able to manage themselves by starting or stopping an action or behavior as the situation requires. Self-regulated children are able to delay gratification in the moment in order to stop and consider the probable consequences of their actions and/or words and to consider the possibility that they should implement more appropriate actions and/or words. Children that are not able to self-regulate will likely face challenges forming friendships and other successful relationships and may be more reactive than their peers.
Gabriel's Angels Therapy Teams help children learn to self-regulate by being dependable with their visit schedules and developing a consistent routine with the children. In addition, Therapy Teams model self-regulation by managing their own feelings, words and actions; children learn self-regulation primarily through observing and interacting with adults.

Gabriel's Angels 2013/2014 Annual Report

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